Vernacular Collection

Laurence Veitch




Laurence Veitch graduated last year from the Chippendale International School of Furniture in East Lothian. His Vernacular collection marks him out as a designer maker of great skill and sensitivity. The collection comprises two side tables, a whatnot and a longer low table (same height as the side tables), all with tops made from Scottish oak, fumed with ammonia to give them their darker character. The tapered legs are hand-turned from Scottish Olive Ash, stained with Indian ink. Laurence describes his inspiration and title for the project: “Vernacular style is that of the people. It is not learned or imposed; like a myth it is passed down through generations, stripped of anything unnecessary leaving only that which is meaningful and authentic.”

Side Table: Height 47cm, width 33cm, depth 28cm.

Long Side Table: Height 47cm, width 100cm, depth 33cm.

Two Tier Whatnot: Height 92cm, depth 20cm, width 33cm. Bottom shelf height 48cm, top shelf height 92cm.

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