'Wings: Small Giclée Prints', Emma Boyd-Madsen and Alice Meikle

The Grit and The Glamour




“These kids are friends around the age of twelve, which is an interesting age. We tend to jump between childhood and adulthood, feeling free to play unfettered but also with moments of self-awareness that make us a little self-conscious. As adults, we lose the ways of making as a child, which is free from any sense of judgement based on trend or aesthetic. Kids make in a more primal way. It is quite a raw expressive process. It was amazing to witness them having fun, being silly and feeling creative. When they took my camera into their own hands, I found it fascinating to see them choosing what they wanted to capture. What lies in their gaze?”

Hahnemüle Pearl paper, framed, single edition.

Framed dimensions: 16 x 23 cm 


All exhibits in The Grit and The Glamour are available to buy for immediate dispatch.

A large giclée print from the Wings project can be viewed here.

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