'Fair Isle Throws', Marie Bruhat

The Grit and The Glamour




“Each throw portrays 14 unique traditional Fair Isle patterns. The contrast between the dark colours at one end and light on the other is inspired by the colours of the island and the ever changing landscape and weather through the day. 0.0001% of the wool I use might come from my own sheep that I keep, as I’m selling their fleeces to the spinning mill where I also buy my wool. Historically, the dedication and creativity of Fair Isle women is immense. On this tiny harsh rock in the middle of nowhere, they knitted intricate patterns and colours in fine wool. While raising families and working the croft, they also spun and dyed their wool before knitting it, presumably with little light.” Marie Bruhat

Shetland wool. 155 x 195cm.

These blankets are knitted to order. They have a dispatch lead time of up to 6 weeks.

All exhibits in The Grit and The Glamour are available to buy for immediate dispatch.


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